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Tired Teens; Is this an Epidemic?

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

By: Sara Khiri

As the school year progresses we have seen many social media trends come and go--one of which being students creating Instagram accounts featuring sleeping students.

Dickinson administration quickly took a turn to the string of Instagram accounts featuring student shoes in the restrooms, sleeping students, students picking their noses, among others, completely shutting them down within the day of their creations. Tiktok has since pushed this “trend‘ throughout the United States asking the question “Do they not see we’re exhausted?” Teens all over the country count down the days between school breaks attempting to just make it by. As pupils stress midterms, upcoming sport games and competitions, classroom deadlines, work schedules and scrimmaging to save for the holiday season, to many teachers and administrators the growing lack of motivation and tiredness in students is glanced over.

As the stress within Dickinson High School escalates beyond academic life students deemed “good kids” feel compelled to give up. Treated as criminals entering their building, bags checked twice a day, school nurse offices locked, and students deeming “Race Wars” attacking each other based on no merit and simply for the color of their skin and the languages they speak as if we do not live in one of the most diverse cities in America, what are students truly attempting to work towards a better future left?

Teens are tired of working hard and being completely forgotten about due to their trouble making counterparts. These students continue with no care in the world as administrators chase them while grade A motivated students and athletes are glanced over and are tempted to join their care-free classmates. Tiredness and exhaustion is a disease corrupting teens in our communities but teachers and administrators are claiming to be just as tired, so the question is asked “Why can’t they see it in us?”

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