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By C/AB Outar Adam

This month’s outstanding cadet is Cadet TSgt Morsy. Cadet Morsy, a junior here at William L Dickinson High School is a second year cadet in the AFJROTC program. Cadet Morsy serves as the Firebirds Safety NCO. As Safety NCO his job is to ensure the safety of the Squadron. If injured, Cadet Morsy can provide basic medical attention. He also is in charge of the Squadron’s first aid kit, Cadet Morsy’s most recent achievement was helping Cadet CMSgt Nickram in organizing the Bataan Death March. 

Cadet Morsy joined AFJROTC for a number of reasons. The main reason was that he wanted to join a military-like program. He also found the Air Force uniform worn by cadets interesting. In addition he was urged to join by Cadet Capt Abouzaid.

Cadet Morsy’s favorite part of AFJROTC is the people and the appreciation. He enjoys being able to get to know his fellow cadets. He also enjoys being recognized for great performance such as with ribbons and medals.

After high school Cadet Morsy plans on working in aviation as an aircraft mechanic. Afterwards he plans on going to college for a degree in majors along the lines of business or marketing.

Cadet Morsy has displayed a terrific performance in AFJROTC and for such is being rewarded with the title of April's cadet of the month.

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