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Empowering Voices Since 1923

Welcome to The Dickinsonian, a beacon of student expression and the heart of William L. Dickinson High School's journalistic tradition in Jersey City. Established in 1923, we've been serving as a platform for students to voice their opinions, share their stories, and explore the world of journalism for nearly a century.

Our mission is clear: to inform, inspire, and engage the William L. Dickinson High School community. We aim to provide relevant, thought-provoking content that reflects the interests and concerns of our fellow students. We believe in the power of the written word, in the potential of a well-crafted story, and in the impact of truthful reporting. Our pages tell the story of our school, our community, and the world beyond.


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Sara Khiri

Senior Sara will continue her education at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Economics. Ms.Khiri hopes to continue her passion for journalism recreationally.


Kaylee Vitale

Senior Kaylee has enjoyed writing from a young age, given her fascination she hopes to study nursing going into college.


Lead Website Editor

Osama Gayed

Senior Osama immigrated to the United States from Egypt at age 8. Likely majoring in Pre-med with hopes of becoming a family doctor.

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