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Spirit Week; Home Coming

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

By: Jessiyah Diaz

No one remembered to get into the spirit for Mondays Remembering the Titans which left a horrible start to the rest of joyful spirit week. Yet Tuesday morning many students came in repping their flags and cultural wear making me wish I didn't forget my flags. Wednesday all I could see were doubles, the Parent Trap themed day marked the first of the three most successful days in spirit week. Everyone enjoyed seeing all the couples and besties matched up proudly showing off their for lifers. Students came to Set It Off for throwback Thursday. From the hoops, the baggy jeans, black lip liner, and airforces every outfit slayed. I can't remember seeing anyone wearing any uniform for Friday's Color Wars. Especially our seniors, we could've replicated the red sea.

When I tell you assignments were understood, homecoming night everyone would have passed this marking period with honors. Beautiful friends and couples came in their barbie outfits. In our Barbie world the DJ had everyone having so much, we even had our very own Ken crowd surfing. So many photos were taken in the Barbie and Ken box that you could jump into, along with a photobooth that gave us the cutest Dickinson Ram frame. Overall the night was Barbietastic!

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