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By: Nicole Vizcaino

C/Airman Yismerlin, Victoria 

Cadet Victoria is a first- year 12th grader cadet in the AFJROTC program here in William L. Dickinson High School. As a new cadet, she quickly made her rise and received contribution and top performance awards, her first three months within being in the program. Her dedication and contributions to the AFJROTC program have not gone unnoticed. Her active involvement in class, willingness to help others, and commitment to leadership led to a well-deserved recognition. Victoria was influenced to join the program because of her experiences as a young child, she would be involved in groups that were much like boot camp. When she joined AFJROTC it was like getting to go back to her childhood. In her position as the New Cadet Commander, Cadet Victoria is in charge of commanding the new cadet team and demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and determination while showing a genuine passion for the program. Her ability to keep the class organized and peaceful, coupled with her eagerness to assist fellow cadets, set her apart. This award is a reflection of her hard work, dedication, and positive impact on the AFJROTC community. As Cadet Victoria continues to pursue her dreams, including the goal of becoming a dentist, this recognition serves as a stepping stone in her journey. The Cadet of The Month award not only acknowledges her past accomplishments but also motivates her to strive for excellence in all her future endeavors within the AFJROTC program and beyond. As a testament to her achievements, Victoria is deemed January’s Cadet of The Month.

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