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By: Adam Outar

C/Maj Rajesh, Satyanarayana

This month's cadet in the spotlight for terrific performance is Cadet Rajesh. He holds the rank of Major and is a senior in the program. His job at William L Dickinson’s AFJRTOC program is Vice Squadron Commander. His duty as Vice Squadron Commander is to assist the Squadron Commander in running the AFJRTOC program. He plays a pivotal role in making sure the program runs smoothly. 

Cadet Rajesh joined the program to learn more about aviation and today he helps teach it to newer cadets through the drone team and flight simulation. While Rajesh is known for his motivated attitude today when he first started out you would seldom see him at D and C (Drill and Ceremony), but thanks to encouragement from fellow cadets he began coming and soon started to enjoy it.

With four years under his belt new cadets can learn a lot from Cadet Rajesh. He recommends cadets to not have an attitude, not to get frustrated, and to understand that mistakes happen. As for those still on the edge of joining AFJRTOC Cadet Rajesh recommends the program as he believes it gives guidance and motivation.

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