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Phoenix Firebirds Cadet Of The Month

By: Nicole Vizcaino

C/Technical Sergeant.

Moonsammy, Natesha:

Cadet Moonsammy is a part of the William L. Dickinson High School AFJROTC program. She is the D&C (Drill and Ceremonies) Commander for the 2023-2024 school year, which is what the cadets participate in everyday from 7:30 to 8:15 AM. D&C is in charge of managing all the events for the Phoenix Firebirds, such as field trips, competitions, and city-wide events. Cadet Moonsammy joined the AFJROTC program freshman year and is now a sophomore. In less than two years, she has worked hard handling her responsibilities and is now one of the stand out cadets in the squadron.

Moonsammy joined hoping to follow after her uncle who had been a cadet before her and wanted to make him proud, as he is a big influence in her life. She enjoys it thoroughly, along with teaching new cadets how to adjust and feel safe while having fun. In the AFJROTC program, cadets learn discipline, proper etiquette, how to be better citizens, and learn more about the military. It has made Cadet Moonsammy better in school and made herself proud of how far she has come along and how hard she has worked. Joining the military can be dangerous but fun, and in this case Moonsammy has always wanted to join. This military program has pushed her more towards her goal of enlisting. Cadet Natesha Moonsammy, is an incredibly hard working, supportive, and outstanding person, which is why we are proud to announce her as November’s Cadet Of the Month.

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