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Lack of Consistency with Uniforms

By: Kaylee Vitale

The DownFall of Recent Reinforcement:

Uniforms have seemed like more of an option at Dickinson in recent years - but this year it has been more enforced. Given the recent push back in the uniform policy, the system seems to be shifting as we progress into the school year. More and more students are walking through the doors without anyone checking for uniforms, and if uniforms are being checked or announcements being made it seems to be random, and not at all consistent. Though the uniform policy has been pushed out more to the student body this year, many students are starting to see that it is starting to become less strict and continue to test the limits.

Why Uniforms Are Important at Dickinson:

Dickinson High School has a very large student population, and without the proper security measures it is possible for former students or strangers to sneak into the building. Without checking student ID or having a database, anyone who claims to go to Dickinson can come in through the main entrance in the morning as our security guards do not take those measures, or are not asked to. Though it can be argued that the concept of uniform can take away a student’s individuality through style, we must take into consideration the safety of the student body.

Why the Size of the Student Body Effects This: Our school has roughly 2,000 students, and the time it takes to get everyone in the building often collides with the time that first period begins. There is no doubt that it is stressful to get everyone through the door, but this has been an ongoing issue for years. Opening the doors earlier or having a policy in place for students that show up late could be a possible resolution - installing a security system where you need to scan your student ID to get in the building could also be a solution to this problem. In fact, we already have something similar in the building - many people have noticed the teachers new “clock in” system outside the main office where teachers just have to tap their ID to clock in when they get inside the building. This could be utilized for the student body, and would keep things much more organized.

Your Relationships Within The School: Many students have reported feeling targeted when it comes to uniforms - oftentimes there could be a plethora of students out of uniform, but only a select few will be penalized for it. This has proven to be a big problem as the chance of getting punished can vary on different days, and depending on the person. Many students also believe the time they get inside the building also contributes to whether or not you will be checked for uniform. Many students that come early for extracurriculars are not checked for uniform, and as the time progresses while students are flocking in, chances get higher that your uniform will be checked. Your behavior within the building may also affect how much everyone pays attention to you - the lack of consistency makes students believe they can get away with not wearing uniform, and as the school year progresses the consistency gets weaker.

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