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Community Service!

By: Jessiyah Diaz

Don't wait! Start early this year and get your community service hours. The last thing you want is to run around for hours to potentially not walk the stage. Seniors this year need 25 hours to graduate. However other students require 50 hours by senior year. There are plenty of community service opportunities around our campus, so don’t be shy. Ask your teachers, coaches, or guidance counselors if they need any help in exchange for some community service hours. Keep an eye out for clubs that are looking for volunteers in school as well.

Some current community service opportunities:

Clothing Closet Drive - by Ms. Phillips

Looking for slightly worn winter clothing.

Contact info: 201-640-2116

Necessity Drive- by Mr. Saullo

Bring in a new packaged item(s), such as toiletries, to earn a community service hour for each item that you bring in.

Contact info: In Rm 311 stop by from 8:00- 8:30 am or periods 4,5,6


Looking for clean, wearable sneakers in good condition with laces tied or rubber banded.

We only accept sneakers and running shoes sent to us in the approved Sneakers for Good prepaid shipping bag-at no expense and canned goods.

Contact info: Stop by their New Gym classroom.

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