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Clubs improve high school experience!

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

By: Emily Garcia

Throughout your high school career you will see two types of students: Those who want to be a part of many things and put in the work to stay active in the building and those that choose not to be involved because of lack of motivation or interest. Being the kind of student that’s involved and on top of what is going on, is the student you want to be. Clubs are important for so many reasons!

Being a part of clubs like The Dickinsonian Journalism Club with advisor Ms. Cardounell keeps you informed about all the great news traveling throughout the school and community. Or joining Student Council with advisor Mrs. Boodram can prepare you for politics and community activism. And if you’re a bit more sporty think about the Snowboarding/Ski Club!

Taking action increases your chances of being looked at by the college you want to attend. It can lead to outside connections and possible career endeavors.

Getting involved is the easy part. Find a club that interests you, make that interest known and take initiative! If the current clubs available don't interest you, start a club that you are passionate about! That’s what junior Devki Patel did last year when she started the Sign-Language Club.

It is a project that takes dedication and patience but if you find students who want to be a part of the club that you want to start, and find an advisor who is just as passionate as you, it can be done! Finding those who will stick with you, making friends, being social and making changes that improve your high school experience make it all the more worthwhile.

So are you ready to take the next step as a Ram and be more involved?

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