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The Dickinsonian takes a twist on school news. Students come together to feature hard-hitting questions, opening discussions to students, teachers, administrators, and our entire community. All your questions, we want to talk about it!


DHS Divided On Masks

Welcome to our Ramsey talk, your hosts Salma, Nada, and Sandy will be discussing presented issues and opinions regarding masks. We’ll discuss the positives and negatives associated with wearing a mask with students and guest teachers in these sessions. Tune in to listen to our first thrilling Ramsey talk.   

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Confession Page Drama

Hosts Salma, Nada, and Sandy take a spin with new equipments and discuss the phenomenon of confession pages popping up throughout Jersey City and our own school. Featuring Dickinson Students, by Dickinson for Dickinson.  

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Davis Has Taken The Court And Field By Storm

Listen to our 6 minute podcast with him on IG Tv or here on our website.

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