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National Honor Society Updates

Novepreet Kaur

Juniors and Seniors Induction Ceremony…

After two years of anticipation, the National Honor Society has been brought back to Dickinson High School for Juniors and Seniors. Mr. Mckenna, a history teacher here at Dickinson, is currently in charge of the program. He was told by the program to induct students with a gpa average of eighty-five and above. Well, too many students qualify for the NHS, so what’s going to happen for inductees?

It is amazing to finally have the program back in Dickinson, however, many students and teachers believe seniors shouldn’t be inducted.Many staff and students believe those who qualify should have an average of ninety and above for the past three to four years to qualify. Additionally, some think NHS inductions should only be open to Juniors because it’s too late for Seniors even though they lost their ceremony to covid.

Mr. Mckenna had the rules modified to be able to meet the demand since we’re limited in funding. He first raised the gpa to limit the number of applicants. Now a student must have a gpa of eighty-eight and above. He then proceeded to send out a google form to students who are eligible. The requirements include a five paragraph original essay the student must write on ways they will give back to the community, if inducted.

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