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DHS Fashion Comeback!

By: Sara Khiri, Ramses Gonzalez

Many of our students have an eye and passion for fashion! Everyone wishes to be able to express themselves in the place they spend most of their time: school. However, we live in a district with a uniform policy and some feel it limits students ability to wear exactly what they have in mind. With Gen Z being the demographic most interested in topics relating to fashion and and most influential in the industry, it’s easy to drift in trends that make uniform a struggle.

Here’s some ways to make the uniform your own. (DISCLAIMER: We do not wish to infringe on your personal beliefs or aesthetic; these are just some ways to spruce up your uniform.)

As we transition into the cooler seasons, jackets, cardigans, hoodies all are the perfect way to maintain your style, using your burgundy collar as an accessory! Mixing textures, patterns and colors are a great way to stand out in the halls.

Moving on to the pants, with our policy you have the option between black or khaki ,however these do not limit your options. They only make it easier in the mornings.

Currently cargos are the most in right now. These are the easiest style to find in black or khaki depending on your preference. Bootcut khakis and black pants are also in, for our students channeling their inner Y2K.

Making our way down to your shoes this is where our building “sneakerheads” like to show off. Here you can put on display your most “hype” shoe, or go with a simpler look. We recommend matching the color of your throwover or polo to your shoes for the perfect uniform sandwich.

Left is accessories! Your daily bookbag, tote or purse is an awesome way to stand out the most. We recommend finding a bag light on your shoulders that supports your books and necessities. Jewelry such as watches, rings, necklaces and earrings are the perfect way to wrap up your look. Whether you prefer gold, silver or mixing we recommend matching your jewelry metal to the buttons of your pants or jacket, this little detail will have you looking best dressed in DHS!

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